The Dinosaurs Did It – A Children’s Book by Amanda Bowyer

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When my brother, Sean, was little, he used to tell my mom that buffalo were to blame whenever he did something bad. His toys were a mess? The buffalo did it. He drew on the walls? The buffalo did it. Something got broken? The buffalo did it. He even wandered away from the house and got lost in the woods on day…and you guessed it; the buffalo did it!

While my mom certainly knew better and the troublesome buffalo never came forward to take responsibility for all the headaches they caused, my brother stuck to his story throughout his entire childhood. In fact, my whole family was still talking about those pesky buffalo years later when I was a young girl. It became one of my favorite stories; I just can’t help smiling when I image my now-obnoxiously-honest brother, three years old, causing havoc in the house and blaming giant bison.

My brother isn’t an anomaly, however. Children often look for ways to avoid taking responsibility for mishaps when they’re young. I did too, although I doubt I was as consistent or persistent with my story!

But what if it wasn’t all just talltails? What if the excuses were legitimate and the buffalo real? Maybe, as adults, we’re just too wrapped up in the “real” world to notice or accept the “impossible.” Wouldn’t that be something!?

Well, that’s what my new book, The Dinosaurs Did It, is all about! I’ve taken one of my favorite childhood stories, with a few modifications, and created an 8.5″ x 8.5″, full color, soft cover children’s book intended for ages 3-9. It tells the story of a little boy, Shawn (easier to sound out for kids), who lives in a house full of dinosaurs. Despite Shawn’s attempts to tell his mom about the dinosaurs’ escalatingly bad behavior, she thinks he’s responsible for all the “accidents” at home. Will she ever find out the truth? You’ll have to read it to find out!

The Dinosaurs Did It, Children's Book

This is my first children’s book and, after some research, I decided to launch it via Kickstarter. I felt this was a neat way to gauge interest while also offering neat extras like matching bookmarks, stickers, door hangers, a screensaver, and even a full-length coloring book version of The Dinosaurs Did It as well. To the writers out there, I’ll do a post sometime soon to share my thoughts on whether this was successful – as of right now, I’m fully funded and still have a few days left.

Once the Kickstarter concludes and all backers have received their books, The Dinosaurs Did It will go up for sale on Amazon as both an ebook and a softcover print. Things like the stickers and door hangers, however, will no longer be available.

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