Do I Need SEO as a Freelance Writer?

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You may be asking yourself, “Do I need SEO to be a freelance writer?” I asked myself that same question all the time, especially when I was just starting out. It’s taken some time, but I think I’ve developed a pretty good answer: No, you don’t need SEO training in order to make a living as a freelance writer. You’ll still find enough writing gigs to get by and you’ll still ...

7 REAL Places to Find Freelance Writing Jobs

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  When you're just starting out as a freelance writer, it can be hard to know where to find work. Once you've been writing for a while, you'll likely find yourself with a list of regular clients and, in some cases, companies will seek you out specifically for your services. Until then, however, you can expect to do a little fishing. You'll need to do a lot of gig pitchi...

An Introduction to Freelance Writing

Freelance Writing, Amanda Bowyer
One great way to make a little extra money on the side (or completely replace your income - your choice), is to become a freelance writer. It's outrageous, but as someone who majored in English it never once occurred to me that I could sell my writing online. I thought, "Sure, maybe if I wrote a book or something," but the truth is that companies, and even individuals, will...

7 Self-Publishing Myths Aspiring Authors Shouldn’t Believe

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Are you interested in self-publishing a book you’ve been working on? Or perhaps you have expertise in a specific area that there simply aren’t very many, if any, books on? There are so many self-publishing myths out there that can really scare aspiring authors away from publishing their own works, which is a total shame! So, we’re going to take a look at seven prevalent self-...

The Dinosaurs Did It – A Children’s Book by Amanda Bowyer

The Dinosaurs Did It, children's book
When my brother, Sean, was little, he used to tell my mom that buffalo were to blame whenever he did something bad. His toys were a mess? The buffalo did it. He drew on the walls? The buffalo did it. Something got broken? The buffalo did it. He even wandered away from the house and got lost in the woods on day...and you guessed it; the buffalo did it! While my mom certainly...

Pup Pastries: 20 Healthy Homemade Dog Treats for the Holidays

Pup Pastries, Dog Recipes, Amanda Bowyer
I wrote a book! I've dreamed of writing and publishing a book for most of my life, so writing this post feels incredible. Just incredible. Before we dive into Pup Pastries, I want to tell you a little about me and my journey to writing. As a child, I struggled with multiple learning disabilities in reading, writing, and spelling. I hated reading and writing. In fact, ...

5 Common Writing Errors to Avoid

Writing, Writing Errors
Language is constantly changing and writing changes with it, so it's easy to make mistakes. For writers, however, it is essential that grammatical errors be eliminated from a text before it is viewed by its target audience. This is just as vital for authors as it is for freelance writers. I've edited countless documents, short stories, and novels over the years and I'm g...

Start a Business on a Budget: 5 Money-Saving Tips

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Do you want to start a business, but think the financial burden is too much? Maybe you’re finally taking the leap, but need advice on how to remain fiscally responsible? Starting a business is scary. Without a doubt, the scariest part is worrying about where the start-up money will come from. If you’re planning to start a business but are concerned about your budget, here a...

5 Quick & Easy Resume Tips

Building a resume can be scary. Where do you start? What is it supposed to look like? How are you supposed to remember all the stuff you've done? Where does it all go? There are lots of great resources out there to help, but it can be difficult knowing where to start. When I work on a resume with someone for the first time, there are five things I mention early to set th...