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Amanda Bowyer

Do you need of a freelance writer, copywriter, or ghost writer for your business, blog, or website? How about a resume makeover or assistance creating important foundational documents for your company? Maybe you’re looking for an editor for that book you’ve been writing and are finally ready to publish?

Look no further!

I have a degree in English education, experience teaching writing mechanics, and have been writing for pleasure and business for years. I am extremely passionate and take my work very seriously. See below a few topics I am particularly qualified to write about.

– DIY and Crafting – Health and Fitness
– Entrepreneurship – Movies and Television
– Books – Education
– Resumes – Event Planning
– Leadership and Training – Business Documents
– Student Affairs – Housing and Residence Life
– Online Retail – Pets

My clients are important to me and I take great care to ensure their experience with our company is a pleasant one. I consider every job, no matter how small, an opportunity to establish a lasting relationship. For me, friendliness is the name of the game and I begin every project by getting to know you, your company, and your objectives. This establishes a solid foundation from which we can work to reach you writing goals and develop the content your audience or customers will love.


This is one of my favorite types of writing to do. I am efficient at writing press releases, website content, and blogs about various topics. You give me direction and I will turn your brilliant thoughts into words for the screen or paper!

I charge between $.10-.30 per word, depending on the amount of research required.

For larger projects, contact me to discuss negotiating a fee or to request a new quote.

Check out my Professional Writing Samples Pinterest board for examples of blog posts I have written.


I have been editing papers, projects, work documents, and presentation materials for as long as I can remember! Once people hear that I have a background in English, everyone wants my help perfecting their writing. This means I have plenty of experience within the realm of editing and can help you overcome the final hurdles before getting your work published!

I charge $.03 per word.

For dense projects that require extensive edits, this fee may be adjusted.

Reviewing books and other media entertainment is also something I enjoy. I share some thoughts and reviews on books in my blog, Bangin’ Book Breakdown.

Professional Resumes and Interview Preparation

Overtime, I have become the go-to for interview preparation and resume building among my family, friends, and colleagues. There is definitely an art to constructing resumes and there should be. A strong resume can give you the confidence needed to utterly rock an interview. Resumes should also be personal and unique, because you are unique and perfectly qualified for the job!

What can you expect from a resume-building experience with me? Thoroughness, attentiveness, and a little flare to make you stand out. This is a very individualized process, but the end result is a representation of you and your work history that will boost your confidence and have potential employers very impressed.

I charge a flat fee of $50 per resume.

Having gone through grueling interview processes that sometime span over two to three days, I have also developed several techniques and tools to assist with organization and staying focused. I plan to offer resume and interview preparation packages very soon. If you are interested now, please contact me.

Company Documents

Higher Education is a very multi-faceted field. Employees, especially those within Student Affairs, quickly become experts in a trillion things. At least, that’s what my time in the field was like. As a result, I have extensive experience creating all sorts of work-related documents including, but not limited to, handbooks, proposals, presentations, training materials, job descriptions and postings, press releases, advertisements, and user guides.

In essence, if you identify a need for a specific document within your organization or company, I can create it for you. 

I charge based on the complexity of the project requested. Please contact me for a free quote.

Check out my LinkedIn page for specific samples of documents I have created.

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