Writing Samples


Here are a few of my favorite writing samples. You can find more articles I’ve written on my Professional Writing Samples Pinterest Board. To view even more blogs I’ve written, visit my other website, Web Retail Pro.



Business freelance writing

Work from Home: What I Learned My First Two Years as an Entrepreneur

5 Must-Have eBay Tools

Work from Home: What I Learned as an Entrepreneur

Setting Goals for Your Business



Educational freelance writing

The Gift of Experiences

All About Sea Turtle Conservation

5 Things We Can Give Thanks for This Thanksgiving

4 International Travel Tips for Young Adventurers

Finding Your Why

5 Reasons to Add Coasteering to Your Summer Plans

What is the Peace Corps? 5 Things You Didn’t Know

The Summer Before College: What Should I Know / Do Before I Start?



Entertainment freelance writing

Spirited Away: Is Yubaba the witch really as bad as she seems?

20 Totally Inspiring Quotes from Fullmetal Alchemist

Dragon’s Bait Book Review



fitness freelance writing

Top 5 Ways to Stop Workout Cramps

Spartan Virginia Super at Wintergreen 2015: Race Review and Personal Reflections



DIY freelance writing

How to Remove Smoke Smell from a Mattress

Rustic Wooden Wedding Signs